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Finny's Greatest Discovery

Book by

Dr. Maria Glukhovsky PharmD & Juliana Grace Sharoyan


Illustrated by

Bonnie Lemarie

Finny's Greatest Discovery

Available Now At

About Author

Dr. Glukhovsky believes that mental health is more important than ever. This book gives caregivers a way to open important conversations about self-esteem and self-worth with children, and the opportunity to tell them they are loved. She co-wrote it with her daughter. Dr. Glukhovsky experienced bullying as a child herself. When she found her faith in God, she knew she had to share her story because the are many others around the world who may feel the same way.

Maria Sharoyan

Dr. Maria Glukhovsky immigrated to the U.S. from the Ukraine when she was seven-years-old. After receiving her Doctor of Pharmacy in 2008, she served her community as a pharmacist and a clinical educator at a Doctor of Pharmacy Program. She became passionate about promoting mental health and self-esteem while writing about the topic for health care professionals. The research and statistics made her realize children needed more support and encouragement. That knowledge led her to write this book. Her faith in God is the center of her life.


10% of book profits will be donated to The Drop Box Project.